• Our Mission:

    Bridging Individual and Collective Bodies of Faith within our communities together with civil and business organizations to effectively overcome homelessness and establish effective methods of homeless prevention.

The Good News

The Good News…For a Change!

The fight against homelessness is an everyday struggle in the Temecula Valley. Project T.O.U.C.H. is thrilled when our local news outlets share our story, or cover one of our many activities, so check back often as we post these stories here for you to see what is being done in the community for our homeless neighbors. The fight against homelessness is fought in our newspapers as well as the streets, so media coverage is key. If you see a story that contains information about Project Touch or the fight on homelessness please forward it to us so that we can post it.

Click on the links below for our quarterly Project Touch Newsletters:

December 2016 Newsletter


August 2016 Newsletter


March 2016 Good News











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