“It Doesn’t Have to be Dark or Hopeless”

That’s what Glen said when we talked about his sobriety, and how he found the winter shelter through Project T.O.U.C.H. “It was New Year’s Eve 2016 – I was hurtin’! Had just been evicted, was so sick, was in the hospital with no where to go, no friends, no family…” he told us. The nurse who discharged Glen gave him a piece of paper with the address of Project T.O.U.C.H.’s Winter Shelter in Temecula. He came that night and was amazed. “I felt the love,” he said. “I knew I had found something special. The people genuinely cared for those needing help. I’m sure they looked me up and down and thought ‘Oh boy,’ but they prayed over me, gave me a ton of food and a place to stay! I thought it was Shangri-La! It’s such a great place.”

“Everyone that I met from Rochelle to Ron, Kevin, Casey, Anne – they were incredible. Yes, it was tough, but I loved it when the churches would bring food and they would come into the rooms and pray over us, the food, the program. It was really special. I didn’t need or want a hand-out. I got a much needed hand up though! The job resources were posted every day – there is no reason anyone should be without a job whether it’s spinnin’ a sign or bussin’ a table, but with a lot of the homeless it’s a mental thing, so there was always an excuse why they couldn’t hold down a job from no transportation, no money – always stuck between a rock and a hard place. For me, I was depressed, an alcoholic, my wife left me, it was bad. But when I found Project T.O.U.C.H. I didn’t take it for granted – I did take advantage of the resources and prayer that was offered though!”

Glen has been sober for 13 months now, and part of his 12 steps for sobriety is paying it back. He comes to the shelter every Saturday and Sunday to help those who find their way there. “I’m not real religious,” Glen said, “but I do know that Jesus is my higher power, and I try to help share that with others, but so many are ego driven and not willing to turn their life over. I would not be where I am today if I had not found Project T.O.U.C.H. and Jesus. Now I have a home, a job, a truck…and a Harley! That’s what sobriety got me!”

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