True Heart of Gold!

People try to give me a lot of undue credit for how much I do to help the homeless…what people do not realize are the most humble, genuine and absolutely incredible individuals behind the scenes who make most of what I do even possible.Heart of Gold-Project TOUCH

Patrick Schmidt is truly the epitome of what a Heart of Gold stands for. It has been several years now that Patrick has been a Project T.O.U.C.H. Angel. He has stood with us through thick and thin – not only with his unbelievable generosity, but with his time and wise counsel especially.

I wish the world had more Patrick Schmidt’s in it so that many more would be Blessed…but I am so grateful that God sent him especially to us!

God Bless You Patrick!


Witnessing first-hand the loving caring and tireless work on behalf of the less fortunate in our community by Anne, the Project Touch Staff and Volunteers, has touched my heart. Writing a check is easy, their efforts are obviously and genuinely, Divinely Inspired. May God continue to Bless them.

    ~Patrick M. Schmidt

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