• Our Mission:

    Bridging Individual and Collective Bodies of Faith within our communities together with civil and business organizations to effectively overcome homelessness and establish effective methods of homeless prevention.

True Heart of Gold!

People try to give me a lot of undue credit for how much I do to help the homeless…what people do not realize are the most humble, genuine and absolutely incredible individuals behind the scenes who make most of what I do even possible.Heart of Gold-Project TOUCH

Patrick Schmidt is truly the epitome of what a Heart of Gold stands for. It has been several years now that Patrick has been a Project T.O.U.C.H. Angel. He has stood with us through thick and thin – not only with his unbelievable generosity, but with his time and wise counsel especially.

I wish the world had more Patrick Schmidt’s in it so that many more would be Blessed…but I am so grateful that God sent him especially to us!

God Bless You Patrick!


Witnessing first-hand the loving caring and tireless work on behalf of the less fortunate in our community by Anne, the Project Touch Staff and Volunteers, has touched my heart. Writing a check is easy, their efforts are obviously and genuinely, Divinely Inspired. May God continue to Bless them.

    ~Patrick M. Schmidt

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