Thanks for keeping the critters out!!


Huge Thank you to Richie’s Termite & Pest Control! During the summer months we all know the critters that tend to make their way into our homes. For years, Richie has been taking care of our units as our local go to pest control guy!! A huge Blessing to Project …

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Join Our Dining Club!


THE 3RD TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH – COME DINE WITH US!! Our July Club meets at SNOWBELLYS for a low calorie AMAZING Powdery Snow Concoction that puts icy goodness in your belly!!! Beat The Heat – Keep Someone Off The Streets This Summer!!! 29992 Hunter Rd, Ste 103  Murrieta, California, …

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True Heart of Gold!

Heart of Gold-Project TOUCH

People try to give me a lot of undue credit for how much I do to help the homeless…what people do not realize are the most humble, genuine and absolutely incredible individuals behind the scenes who make most of what I do even possible. Patrick Schmidt is truly the epitome …

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So Very Grateful!


Project T.O.U.C.H. and the people we serve are so very grateful to those in the community who go the extra mile to help provide for their brothers and sisters in need. Carmel came to the Project T.O.U.C.H.  Winter Shelter this past December after a car accident had totaled her car…that …

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